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Prepare Your Elevators for a New Jersey Winter

As the cold season draws in, you may be focused on making sure your building lobby stays warm and dry. But when was the last time you thought about doing the same for your elevators’ engine room? In this article we share our best tips for making your elevators run smoothly and safely during a […]

How Elevators Add Value to a Building

Many of today’s buildings are becoming loaded with interesting and trendy amenities designed around technology, lifestyle requirements and convenience. Things like gyms and spas, rooftop gardens and swimming pools, game rooms, theaters and even in-building dog parks are all becoming more standard. These things aren’t just in new properties either. A lot of older buildings […]

The Main Types of Elevators: Which is Right for Your Building?

TYPES OF ELEVATORS Believe it or not, elevators have been around since the 3rd century B.C! Elevators have come a long way since then. There is no one size fits all elevator, though. Different places need different types of elevators. We are going to guide you through understanding the different elevator types and help you […]

Choosing the Right Elevator Service Plan

One of the most disruptive and costly situations that can strain a building’s traffic management is elevator downtime. If the building is busy enough, down elevators can bring things to a halt. This can happen for several reasons – failed or obsolete components, an emergency malfunction or any kind of superficial or accidental damage. But […]

How Elevator Uptime Keeps the Heart of a Building Pumping

It has been said that the elevator is the heart of a building. Monitoring an elevator’s uptime, then, is tantamount to checking for a pulse. It’s a vital sign that can reveal a lot about the condition of an elevator and the building it operates within. When elevator uptime is high, it is a strong […]

Who Can Repair My Elevator?

As a building owner, you have many important concerns. No doubt somewhere near the top of that list is the safety and maintenance of your property. While it’s important to have access to a well-rounded maintenance staff, there are certain elements of your building that require additional special care and attention to detail – not […]

How Long Does an Elevator Last?

How Long Does an Elevator Last?  Elevators are a crucial part of any building’s infrastructure. Not only do your tenants and guests expect them to be clean and visually appealing, but to function properly as well. Though elevator systems provide practical convenience and safety, you may have questions about maintenance, repair, and also how long […]

How to Prepare for an Elevator Inspection

How to Prepare for (and Pass) the All-Important Elevator Inspection Just like an automobile diagnostic test, an elevator inspection provides building owners with the information and opportunity to make critical decisions about repairs, upgrades or full equipment replacement. But while some vehicle owners may decide to postpone a trip to the auto shop, putting off […]

Prepare Your Elevators for Winter

This winter, get ahead of the game and keep your elevators running smoothly – no matter the weather. Download your winter checklist here!

Spot the First Signs of Elevator Problems

Recognizing the signs of elevator problems before they occur can help prevent shutdowns, costly emergency repairs and unhappy tenants. Check out our list of signs to watch out for.