Maintenance and Repair

Our experience and customized maintenance plans are geared for precisely what your system needs.


Assessing Your Current Elevator Company

  • Is the response time to a shutdown unacceptable?
  • Does it take several attempts to fix the problem?
  • Are there any squeaks, rattles, or abrupt movements?
  • Do you hear frequent complaints about the elevator?
  • Are you being told you “need to modernize”?

When Dura-Lift Maintains Your Equipment, You Will Get:

  • Faster response times
  • Fewer shutdowns
  • A smooth, safe ride
  • Accurate leveling
  • Increased tenant and passenger satisfaction

The Dura-Lift Approach to Elevator Maintenance

Dura-Lift Elevator provides you with a level of professionalism you can depend on. Our customized maintenance scheduling and procedures are based on your elevator usage to ensure your equipment is getting the servicing it needs, when it needs it. Our techs are given realistic maintenance schedules which they can complete in the allotted time by keeping our units to mechanics ratio low. You can rest assured that your equipment is getting only the maintenance it requires.

Consistent, Affordable Servicing

Elevator maintenance should be performed at regular intervals to avoid major problems that could result in safety violations and downtime. With a Dura-Lift maintenance plan, we will perform all repairs and testing, while keeping your motor room and equipment clean. 

Our proactive maintenance programs protect your capital assets and extend the life of your equipment, so you can focus on running your business. Preventative maintenance plans save you money and time in the long run because they eliminate the worry of major or unexpected repairs.

Top-Trained Technicians

At Dura-Lift, we hire only the best Certified Elevator Technicians (CETs) to conduct your elevator maintenance. With extensive experience and expertise, our techs provide the best possible elevator service in the NY and NJ area.

Testing and Violation Abatement

Our testing and violations department will coordinate annual and five-year testing of your elevator equipment.

  • We address any violations immediately and systematically by providing economical solutions to remediate.
  • We work directly with governing agencies to implement solutions regarding safety concerns.
  • We expedite the removal of all violations.
  • We maintain an equipment database to track the history of all equipment we service and ensure the required testing is scheduled and completed with the appropriate authority by the due date.

Replacement Parts Inventory

We understand the importance of having the right part when you need it. That’s why our service vehicles are well-stocked with common parts for your elevator. We also maintain a full parts inventory and machine shop with fabrication capabilities to provide you with custom, speedy replacement.

Emergency Response Service

Our live dispatching center is open 24/7. Each Dura-Lift maintained elevator emergency phone is programmed to alert our dispatchers of the address and exact elevator location the call is coming from.

  • Our trained technicians are centrally located and available around the clock for quick dispatching.
  • GPS tracking ensures the quickest, most precise dispatching.
  • We will restore your elevator to proper operation quickly and safely.



Emergency Response Service


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