COVID-19 Update

We understand that these are challenging times and that elevator cab protection is essential to your health and safety. We follow all recommended guidelines to provide safe solutions for your protection.


Elevator Virus Protection Solutions

Dura-Lift will guide you in reducing the risk of virus transfer with the use of the latest technology. We have options to fit every budget that can be easily integrated into your existing elevator applications. We also offer custom options to add into your new elevator construction and modernization projects. These technologies can also add value to your property as appealing amenities.

COVID Elevator Safety Guide

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COVID-19 Safety Products

During these times, elevator safety and cab protection are essential. We are proud to provide a variety of cutting-edge options to help maintain sanitized conditions in your elevator and prevent day-to-day disease spreading in the future. This technology can lower cleaning costs, move traffic more efficiently, and improve passenger security.

Custom Anti-Microbial Elevator Interiors

Custom cab interiors integrating light, air and surface defense


Dual UVC Germicidal & Dual HEPA Air Filtration

Removes 99.9% of airborne virus and bacteria particles, using True HEPA (MERV 17) filtration & TWO high power UV-C germicidal sources to sanitize elevator air.


Mobile Based Applications

Allows hands free control via smartphone or bluetooth access

UV Light Fixtures

UV Wavelength destroys the molecular structure of bacteria & neutralizes their potential spread


Cab Air Purifier & Sterilization Systems

Removes contaminated air and replaces with sanitized air utilizing double MERV 13 Filters and UV-C Irradiation similar to hospital sterile room technology


Touchless Buttons

Newest technology eliminates potential virus transfer by removing human contact.