At Dura-Lift Elevator, we understand the importance of providing low-cost, high-quality elevators delivered on time. That’s why our sales staff and project managers work with you during every step of the construction process.


Hydraulic, Geared, Gearless, and MRL Elevator Systems

For a superior final product, start with the highest quality components. We use the best available, non-proprietary equipment from well-established manufacturers for all elevator projects. Non-proprietary equipment gives you the flexibility to choose any maintenance company to service your systems. No matter the type of elevator you need, we can install and maintain it.

Are you ready to improve your elevator services?
Do you want rapid response times?
Fewer elevator shutdowns?

We can help! At Dura-Lift Elevator, we provide only the highest quality elevator equipment, installation, and services for your specific commercial property needs.

Machine Roomless (MRL) Elevator Applications

Pre-Wired Packages

Our pre-wired elevator systems allow your equipment to be installed substantially faster than competitor’s products. This means your elevator installation will progress faster and will not delay the completion of your product.

MRL In-Line Elevators

Our standard and most economical application. Our rail-supported system installs in minimal time and allows access to each landing served at the front of the hoist-way.

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MRL Custom Front & Side Elevators

Unique to the elevator industry is our front and side MRL product. Our rail mounted system allows you to install equipment where building conditions prohibit the use of front and rear opening configurations.

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MRL Front & Rear Elevators

Our front and rear opening, rail-supported MRL product allows access in buildings that require separate entry at the rear of the elevator. Also useful for buildings which have split-level (short) floors.

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